Supporting Clients with Brain Injury

Rehabilitation Support Workers (RSWs) are caring, educated professionals who implement strategies and programs to help individuals with brain injury regain skills and cope with the changes their injury has created in their lives. RSWs work closely with registered health professionals to implement programs. They offer direct support and provide life skill training, allowing clients to gain independence and relearn skills.

MindWorks’ staff is the most highly trained rehabilitation support personnel in the area. Our Rehabilitation Support Workers take pride in staying on top of their training, being aware of industry trends and – most importantly – connecting with clients and seeing them succeed. They are not the same as a Personal Support Worker in that they don’t perform tasks for clients, but rather help them to get to a point where they can do many of their daily tasks themselves. Find out more about our team and their unique qualifications on Our Team page.

Types of Services

  • Creating time management strategies
  • Overseeing additional programs related to treatment (physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc)
  • Identifying challenges at home, work & school to create coping strategies (reduce noise distraction, visual distraction, safety issues, etc)
  • Creating checklists, visual guides, etc to aid with task recall and completion
  • Integrating devices and assistive technology into daily routines
  • Providing coping mechanisms for memory related issues
  • Encouragement and assistance with participation in community activities
  • Support to return to the workplace or school

We are committed to providing:

  • Prompt service – our staff can typically see a new client within 48 hours of referral.
  • Programs and activities designed to promote client independence.
  • Steady progression in the relearning of life skills.
  • Tailored approach to the specific needs of the individual.
  • Creative, multi-disciplinary approaches to complex cases.
  • Goals reached within a timely manner.

MindWorks believes that continuing education helps to create the strongest, most knowledgeable players in the industry. We encourage our own staff to always keep learning, and we host workshops and courses open to industry professionals. We do this to ensure that our clients, and the clients of each individual that attends our workshops, has the best chance of recovery.