MindWorks provides flexible, caring support services

MindWorks offers a full range of rehabilitation support services for individuals living with the effects of brain injury. Our services include vocational programs and unique training that’s not offered by others.

We are a community-based provider offering targeted services based on specific individual needs. MindWorks believes a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach is the most effective way to help individuals with brain injury progress, recover, and succeed.

We also offer services for families living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, and we provide support services for post-secondary students to ensure their success. These expanded areas of expertise were developed based on community needs and our continued goal of increasing our team’s awareness, skillset, and impact on the community.

With staff available in South-Eastern and Central Ontario, MindWorks has the flexibility to meet your needs in your location. We respond to requests quickly and provide services where they’re needed most – in homes, hospitals, residences, long-term care facilities, schools, workplaces, and the community.