Our staff is highly trained, dedicated and compassionate.

MindWorks is committed to hiring top-quality rehabilitation professionals to provide support and rehabilitative services. Each of our staff members have completed a post-secondary program and engage in continuous learning and professional development to ensure that they are the most highly trained rehabilitation support personnel in the field.

In our interactions with the client, we use a life skills development approach. This means that in all our interventions we attempt to develop, to whatever extent possible, the problem solving and life-management skills of the individual to enhance their future independence in new situations. For those individuals for whom such an approach is not possible, we work with family and other natural supports to develop their ability to provide the long-term guidance and supports such individuals require.

Our Support Personnel have a diploma or degree in one of the following:

  • Psychology
  • Rehabilitation Assistant
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Physiotherapy Assistant
  • Education Assistant
  • Career Counsellor
  • Child and Youth Worker

In addition, all staff must possess a certificate or diploma in their discipline as well as the OBIA/Brock University Level One (four-day certificate training program) and Level Two training. All staff participate in our specialized in-service training and development programs that includes theoretical and hands-on training in areas such as behaviour management techniques, computer skills, and communication.

MindWorks is the premier choice for brain injury rehabilitation support services in South-Eastern and Central Ontario. Time after time, surveys and feedback from clients, family and case managers indicate a high level of satisfaction with our services.