About MindWorks

Established in 1989, MindWorks provides community-based support and rehabilitative services and programs for individuals living with brain injury, persons living with disabilities which impact daily function and those living with dementia. We are also happy to offer services to post-secondary students struggling to meet the demands of post-secondary life.

Our programs and services are tailored to help with each client’s specific needs. The MindWorks team continually works on professional development and education in order to provide expert services clients trust. To make the process run smoothly, we believe in strong administrative systems and controls, with timely reports and efficient communication.

When working with MindWorks, you can be confident that:

  • All services are carried out to the highest standard
  • Quality service and commitment to our clients
  • Our team is made up of highly skilled, well trained staff
  • We have the flexibility to respond to client needs at a moments notice

Our goals are to:

  • Increase client’s independence
  • Enhance quality of life for each individual under our care
  • Provide an opportunity for clients to stay in their own home, keeping learning reality-based
  • Work towards resuming pre-accident levels of activity
  • Increase the likelihood of success when returning to work
  • Provide in-home support that is a cost-effective alternative to in-patient services
  • Offer the stability of working with an established organization

Relationships matter

MindWorks has developed strong, professional relationships with community agencies, local brain injury associations, employers, and other stakeholders. These relationships are a key success factor in meeting a client’s recovery goals. We’ve built a reputation as being team players by taking direction well and maintaining open dialogue within the rehabilitation team. These relationships allow MindWorks staff to implement and support individualized recovery and rehabilitation programs developed by the client’s health-care team.

Flexibility to meet your needs

MindWorks has staff available throughout South Eastern Ontario. We take pride in responding to requests quickly and efficiently given our base of operations and number of staff. Our services are provided wherever they’re needed – in hospitals, homes, schools, or workplaces. It’s always based on what our clients need.

Serving South Eastern Ontario

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